Tips and Tricks for Implementing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

Tips and Tricks for Implementing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

in Oct 16, 2016

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is one of the leading recruiting platforms on the market. Despite its popularity among customers and the plethora of experienced consultants, some implementation projects are not going to plan. There are many reasons for that, and often it can be down to using consultants that may not have experience of hourly workers or multi-country implementations. It can be down to insufficient time being set aside for the project. It may be as simple as trying to get multi-stage applications to work as required.

There are common practices that can help set the foundation for success, or simply ensure that a process works optimally and efficiently. For manufacturing customers, for example, just having an understanding of how hourly hiring works will provide invaluable in building the right solution.

Failure to allot sufficient time causes many projects to fail. Short timelines mean corners are cut or items de-scoped, and this affects the overall value and success of the project. You may have heard about “rapid implementations” and “reduced time-to-value”, but you should consider budgeting at least 6 months for your implementation and more for implementations that include multiple countries.

There are many tips, tricks, common practices, and pieces of advice that can be pivotal to the success of your implementation. In this article we discuss some of those tips and tricks that may be less well known but just as critical in a world class recruiting solution.