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Introducing CloudPlan by iXerv

Proven Planning and Expertise to Ensure an Effective SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

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CloudPlan helps SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors customers proactively plan for the tasks, resources and effort of a cloud HCM project and helps them measure progress and results.

Why choose CloudPlan for your Employee Central journey?

For many organizations, the path to cloud HCM is accompanied by questions about readiness, resources, change management that often slow the adoption of the new software. If you are thinking of adopting one or more SAP SuccessFactors solutions, how will you ensure that you will be ready for a successful implementation?

To help customers ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, iXerv offers CloudPlan, comprehensive strategic planning and expertise designed to expertly plan for the unique timeline, resources and expectations of an Employee Central implementation, rollout or project.

How CloudPlan Prepares You For Your Cloud HCM Journey

  • Build a best practice project plan with all activities and resourcing
  • Build a governance model and a service delivery model
  • Build a data cleansing and migration plan ahead of time
  • Understand what integration will look like and how your landscape will change
  • Discover what you bought and how to implement it
  • Perform a transformation readiness assessment
  • Understand how to manage your cloud HCM solution on a long-term basis

What CloudPlan Delivers Before Your Project Begins

  • A cloud HCM readiness assessment for your company
  • A comprehensive written presentation of all findings, analysis and recommendations
  • A project overview, resource plan, governance model and service delivery model for cloud implementations
  • A data cleansing and data migration plan for Employee Central
  • A proven, recommended implementation approach
  • A post-go live support model designed to help ensure a successful project after the project is over

CloudPlan’s Comprehensive 5-Step Process

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