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CloudConversion for SAP SuccessFactors

CloudConversion provides an in-depth review of the scope, landscape, process, and integration required for a successful Employee Central implementation.

Why choose CloudConversion for your SAP SuccessFactors project?

Customers planning to convert from on-premise to cloud HCM often need guidance to understand what to expect. CloudConversion provides an assessment of an existing SAP ERP HCM landscape in the context of Employee Central, conducts an end-to-end process review, readiness assessment, and an evaluation of integrations required. The result is a series of face-to-face workshops and detailed deliverables and documents that provide a full strategic assessment for companies moving to SAP SuccessFactors.

Kick-off Workshop

Review business drivers
Project overview
Scope review
Workshop overview
Discuss vision & strategy
Confirm desired outcomes

Process & System Workshop

HR process review
Readiness review
Process integration with other systems
System review

Landscape & Integration Workshop

Discuss existing landscape
Review integrations & interfaces
Identify future integrations

Post-Workshop Analysis

Perform analysis of workshops
Evaluate outcomes
Write up reports and presentation

Present Outcome

Presentation of key findings, analysis, and overall recommendations
Delivery of final report
CloudConversion Answers Your Questions About the Cloud And What’s Ahead
  • How do I build my business case?
  • Which strategies are optimal for my situation?
  • How will my systems be integrated?
  • What will my future landscape look like when I move to Employee Central?
  • What are the key options I need to consider?
  • How does SAP ERP HCM compare to Employee Central?
What CloudConversion Delivers Before Your Project Begins
  • A proposed future system landscape
  • A comprehensive written presentation of all findings, analysis and recommendations
  • A Fit/Gap Analysis of requirements versus system functionality
  • A written methodology for moving from SAP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors
  • A list of key considerations that may impact your conversion
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