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Introducing CloudCheck by iXerv

A Comprehensive Check-up of Your SAP SuccessFactors System

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CloudCheck helps you better understand how your system is configured, improving efficiency and helping you increase the return on your SAP SuccessFactors investment.

Why should you schedule a CloudCheck for SAP SuccessFactors?

After go-live, many customers encounter what they perceive to be sub-optimal implementations or discover that they are in need of understanding how to improve their system. In order to help customers better understand their SAP SuccessFactors systems, iXerv’s team of HCM experts offers CloudCheck, a comprehensive health check assessment program.

At the end of the CloudCheck process, iXerv delivers a full assessment of the health of your SAP SuccessFactors system, from design, configuration and permissions to business processes and integration. This assessment contains a summary of the of issues and discrepancies identified, comprehensive, expert analysis and a detailed, actionable set of recommendations.

CloudCheck Helps Resolve The Most Common Post-Go Live Concerns

  • We don’t believe our system was set up correctly
  • We have ongoing issues we cannot resolve on our own
  • I don’t feel I got the right advice from my consultants
  • There must be better ways to perform our business processes
  • My organization has changed since we implemented SAP SuccessFactors
  • Production and Test are out of sync
  • Integrations don’t seem to be working as expected

What CloudCheck Delivers After You Go-Live with SAP SuccessFactors

  • A a full technical assessment of your system
  • An end-to-end review of your key SAP SuccessFactors/HCM business processes
  • Documented best practices for design, configuration, and permissions
  • A thorough evaluation of integrations, both internal and external
  • A Fit/Gap analysis comparing your requirements with system functionality
  • An objective review of outstanding/existing issues and suggested solutions

CloudCheck’s Comprehensive 5-Step Process

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