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Introducing CloudCare by iXerv

Comprehensive Support Services and Expertise for SAP SuccessFactors

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Cloud HCM adoption is on the rise. As companies move to the cloud, they are discovering that the support required to manage cloud solutions like SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is not the same as the support needed for an on-premise application. This difference creates a “support gap”. iXerv knows that to properly manage and support your Employee Central investment, you need resources who understand not only the technology, but also fully understand the end-to-end business processes that drive HR.

Bridge the Cloud HCM Support Gap

Many customers are led to believe that a cloud application requires less support than a traditional on-premise system. This is a myth. In reality, cloud applications like Employee Central require the same amount of support as their on-premise counterparts, but the type of support they require is different.

Cloud support tends to be more business-focussed and less technical. One way a support gap occurs is when HR departments are not prepared to handle the level of business-based support they are now asked to provide. In most cases, they simply don’t have the resources or training to do it. To make it more urgent, most IT departments don’t have the business resources to provide the support, either.

Just because you’re moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you should stop worrying about support. It is imperative that Employee Central customers understand and plan for the changing support requirements. CloudCare provides the knowledge, services and expertise customers need to bridge the cloud HCM support gap.

CloudCare is Designed to Meet the Unique Demands of HR

CloudCare was created by iXerv’s HR experts to help SAP SuccessFactors customers meet the process, data and legislative requirements they face throughout the year. HR teams face constant demands on resources and data. CloudCare helps customers meet these demands while ensuring process and data accuracy. CloudCare allows customers to:

  • Improve employee productivity by allowing internal resources to focus on higher value-add tasks
  • Reduce time spent on updates, configuration and maintenance
  • Remain current with legislation and regulatory changes
  • Train HR staff on latest SuccessFactors features and options
  • Get immediate answers to questions from a dedicated team of HR process and SuccessFactors system experts

Comprehensive SAP SuccessFactors Expertise

Choose the Right CloudCare Package for Your Needs

Every customer is unique and requires a different level of support. Some require only basic configuration assistance while others need a complete package of configuration, issue management and support services. That is why CloudCare offers a variety of packages to meet all types of customer needs.

To learn more about CloudCare and to work with iXerv’s SuccessFactors experts to choose the right support package for your organisation, contact iXerv using the form below or email

CloudCare is the key to bridging the SAP SuccessFactors support gap.

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