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Introducing iXerv/Celergo Payroll Connector

SAP-Certified Integration of Global Payroll Data Between Employee Central and Celergo Global Connect

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The iXerv/Celergo Payroll Connector offers an SAP-Certified SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) extension that gives Payroll teams and employees instant access to Celergo Global Payroll data directly from Employee Central.

Integrate Payroll Data and Processes With Employee Central

The Cloud Payroll Challenge

If you are planning to move your HCM system to Employee Central, payroll must be part of the equation. For larger companies, that may mean adopting Employee Central Payroll (ECP). However, for companies that have a single country payroll that is too small to justify ECP or for those that have a number of globally dispersed payrolls, moving to ECP may not be cost effective or feasible.

When it comes to cloud payroll, it can be difficult for some companies to integrate all of their individual global payrolls with Employee Central and to manage them with a single vendor. iXerv and Celergo offer a connector that integrates these payrolls with Employee Central, simplifying the process of implementing EC and saving money.

How Does It Work?

Customers maintain their employee data in Employee Central. Data such as Personal Information, Job Details, Address Details, Bank Details, Country Specific Data Requirements, Payment and Deductions Instructions are seamlessly sent from Employee Central via the iXerv/Celergo connector to Celergo Global Connect for calculation, payroll processing, auditing, funding, reporting, tax compliance and more. Results, processing status and payslip data is sent back to Employee Central for viewing by authorized payroll users and employees. You can view the high level process diagram here.

One Vendor, One Integration

One of the biggest time and cost saving features of this solution is that it is handled using one single integration, regardless of the number of countries or payrolls being processed. The end result is an automated, two-way interface that is seamless to the user.

6 Reasons Why The iXerv and Celergo Payroll Connector Is Important to Employee Central Customers

  • 1. It Offers SAP-Certified Integration
    The connector’s integration has been certified for use with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • 2. It Provides Global Coverage
    The multi-country connector was developed for Celergo by iXerv and designed to support customers in more than 100 countries around the globe through one single interface
  • 3. It Complements Employee Central Payroll
    The iXerv/Celergo solution can be included in combination with EC Payroll in a company’s global payroll landscape
  • 4. It Helps Automate Payroll Data and Processes
    The connector enables the scheduling of automated data transfers to and from Employee Central and Celergo
  • 5. It Simplifies Global Payroll Integration
    Customers using the connector can run one integration for all payrolls or can split them into groups
  • 6. It Is Intuitive and Easy-to-Use
    The connector’s design provides visual feedback in Employee Central for Payroll Administrators and users

Fast Facts About Celergo

  • The Celergo Global Connect platform (CGC) manages local, offshore, and expatriate payrolls in over 140 countries
  • CGC allows Celergo to manage changes, calculations, statutory filings, funding, and reporting for its clients through standardized global payroll processes that ensure visibility and compliance
  • CGC also facilitates taking a single payment from clients to fund their global net payments and taxes in over 85 different currency pairs
  • CGC is client facing and work-flow driven, ensuring every step of the process is followed on-time, every time
  • The CGC payroll dashboard and employee pay slips can also be made available in Employee Central for payroll users and employee self-service using the iXerv integration

See How The iXerv/Celergo Connector Integrates With Your Employee Central Dashboard

Watch the video to see how Payroll teams and employees both benefit from the two-way data and process integration between Celergo Global Connect and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

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