Six Mistakes That Will Wreak Havoc On Your HCM Implementation

Six Mistakes That Will Wreak Havoc On Your HCM Implementation

in , Feb 24, 2017

Below is an excerpt from my new article published by TechTarget/Search Financial Applications entitled “Six mistakes that will wreak havoc on your HCM implementation”. You can find the article by clicking the button below. 


An HCM system can help HR bring employee recruitment and retention to new heights. Unfortunately, many companies get implementation wrong. Here’s how to do things correctly.

Your HCM implementation is a critical and far-reaching transformation project that will provide the backbone for your people and talent management processes. Indeed, a successful HCM implementation can help you gain a competitive edge in recruitment, hiring, employee satisfaction and retention. And yet, too many companies wreck their HCM implementations.


Written Luke Marson

Luke Marson is an experienced solution architect and widely-recognized expert in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM. His expertise includes end-to-end HR and HR technology strategy, advisory, assessments, roadmaps, transformation, optimization, and implementation services for large, global enterprise customers.

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