How To Add Instructional Videos to SAP SuccessFactors with Show Me

How To Add Instructional Videos to SAP SuccessFactors with Show Me

in , May 31, 2017

In my recent blog post Increasing SAP SuccessFactors User Satisfaction with the Show Me Feature, I shared an overview of the Show Me functionality in SAP SuccessFactors. Show Me allows SAP SuccessFactors administrators and system owners to incorporate tailored video content to guide users as they complete business processes. The response to the post was great, so I wanted to offer a more instructional follow-up for those wanting to see how easy it is to create video content using Show Me.

Below is a quick step-by-step “how to” guide that covers enabling/activating the functionality and creating a video. I would love to hear your feedback or examples of how you have used Show Me in your SAP SuccessFactors system. You can contact me here.


First, Check to see if Show Me is Enabled

1. Navigate to the Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Company System and Logo Settings

2.  Look for the checkbox that says “Enable Show Me”. If it is available to check, you may skip to step 7.

3. If the Enable Show Me is not available to check, your Instance may have not been upgraded. This can be done easily using the Upgrade Center. To do so, you may follow steps 4-6 below:

If Necessary, Upgrade for Show Me

4. Navigate to the SuccessFactors Upgrade Center -> Optional Upgrades and click on Learn More and Upgrade Now (beneath Show Me)

5. Ensure the Prerequisite Features & Permission details are met before proceeding with the upgrade. Click on Upgrade Now

6. Review the terms and conditions, check the box “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions above” and click Yes.

7. Proceed with enabling the feature by returning to Company System and Logo Settings. Navigate to the Admin Center -> Company System and Logo Settings

8. Check the box “Enable Show Me” and click Save Company System Setting

9. Return to the Admin Center -> Manage Employees -> Set User Permissions -> Manage Permission Roles

10. Select the required Permission role to assign the feature

11. Show Me Author – Once you provide author permissions, a Show Me author can create/delete/re-create Show Me video on any pages except Admin Center (SAP Note 2088578). Click “Manage System Properties” and tick checkbox Show Me Author. Click Done and Save Changes

12. Displayed at the top right of the screen will be the “Play” Button

Recording a Video

13. Click the button Record a Video and click Start Recording

14. Click on the Red Button to start the recording session located at the bottom of the screen

15. Click Done to complete the Process.

16. Users will be allowed to view the recorded video by clicking on the play button at the top right of the page on which an Author has recorded.


Written Ashlin Kandan

Ashlin Kandan is a consultant at iXerv's SAP SuccessFactors Center of Excellence in Durban, South Africa, specializing in SAP SuccessFactors and WorkForce Software. He is skilled in Technical Support, ITIL, Data Migration, Databases, and IT Service Management and holds a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused in Information Technology from Durban University of Technology.

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