How iXerv Supports Mid-Market SAP SuccessFactors Customers

How iXerv Supports Mid-Market SAP SuccessFactors Customers

in , , Feb 13, 2017

Later this week, I will have the honor of attending the first SAP SuccessFactors mid-market partner summit. While this is a testament to iXerv’s commitment to mid-market (or mid-sized) customers, I am thrilled to have the chance to learn more about SAP’s plans for this diverse customer group and I am looking forward to sharing what we can offer.

When talking about cloud HCM options, we often hear messages aimed at large enterprises. We also see quite a bit of content aimed specifically at the small enterprise and the challenges they face in implementing new technology. However, mid-market companies can sometimes be (quite literally) lost in the middle. They have some of the constraints of smaller enterprises but also have some of the global complexities of larger enterprises. That is precisely why I’m happy to see the focus on the mid-market at this event.

iXerv recognizes the challenges mid-markets can face, particularly those that are global in reach. We work with companies implementing Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll every day, but it is a specific need often found in the mid-market that led us to develop the iXerv/Celergo Payroll Connector to integrate global payroll data and processes for non-Employee Central Payroll countries (under 1,000 employees) into Employee Central. The chart below shows a sample, multi-country mid-market company and how iXerv would work with them to implement an integrated HCM and Payroll solution that combines Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, and Celergo for all of their countries. This is the kind of solution that the mid-market needs and that iXerv is dedicated to producing.


Written Luke Marson

Luke Marson is an experienced solution architect and widely-recognized expert in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM. His expertise includes end-to-end HR and HR technology strategy, advisory, assessments, roadmaps, transformation, optimization, and implementation services for large, global enterprise customers.