Customer Examples of YouCalc Dashboards in SAP SuccessFactors

Customer Examples of YouCalc Dashboards in SAP SuccessFactors

in Jun 21, 2018

YouCalc Dashboards are a great way to visualise data from SAP SuccessFactors. They can help managers to understand and monitor processes, find KPI’s for their organisation, and share the results with key employees or departments to align the business. In this article, I want to share some YouCalc customer examples and developments I have seen in recent years. You will see examples of different dashboards (Homepage Tiles, Single Tiles and KPI Dashboards) for different modules. I hope it is enough to give you a better understanding what you can realise with the help of a qualified partner.

Recap YouCalc Dashboards – Information and Sources

I have already written several articles about YouCalc Dashboards and if you are reading about YouCalc for the first time, it might make sense to read other articles first in order to understand functionalities, limits and capabilities:

Keep in mind that YouCalc Dashboards will be replaced by SAP Analytics Cloud one day, but as long as there is no date announced, you can easily count on 2-3 (+) years to work with it. I also want to mention again that all of the dashboards shown in this blog were built by a partner (me).

You are able to build basic tiles in SAP SuccessFactors, but advanced dashboards can only be built in the YouCalc Dashboard builder, which is just available for SAP or partners. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions.

YouCalc Dashboard Homepage Tiles

The images below show some typical status tiles (see “Figure 1 Basic Homepage Tiles”). They are great for giving a manager a quick overview. Most of them could be built with Tile Builder in SuccessFactors and others with the YouCalc Dashboard Builder (see “Figure 2 Advanced Homepage Tiles”). Important Note: The new design will be different due to the Universal Update to the (Fiori) Homepage 3.


Figure 1 – Basic Homepage Tiles

Figure 2 – Advanced Homepage Tiles

In the Homepage tile dashboard (see “Figure 2 Advanced Homepage Tiles” above), the far left shows the Potential / Performance Grid for a Team. It displays how you, as a manager, rate your team. This grid was built as a teaser, but there are more insights in a dashboard (shown later).

The tiles in the middle and on the right gives the manager an overview of how far he or she is with the Salary Review (Module Compensation) and how they are aligned with their budget.

All of these tiles are built with the YouCalc Dashboard Builder and will look different in the new Fiori Design for the Homepage.

An example of how a new tile will look in the FIORI Design is shown in “Figure 3 Works Council Overview”. This example is from a German customer who works with several technical roles for the works council (based on location). To save them time, we built a simple tile showing all candidates in the respective status for the works council. This dashboard is based on the Secure Layer Domain (Recruiting-R). With a click on any number, the user can jump straight to the requisition.

Figure 3 Works Council Overview

Figure 3 – Works Council Overview

Complex Dashboards / Monitoring Using Custom Fields

A very good example for a complex Dashboard / Monitoring Homepage Dashboard Tile is the “Task Commander” (Recruiting Module – see “Figure 4 Task Commander”). This tile works with custom fields (Task and Task Due Date), where recruiters note some tasks and a deadline for themselves.

Every recruiter would see directly on the homepage which tasks they noted for themselves and can jump straight to the Requisition. This tile was originally created for the old homepage design.

Figure 4 – Task Commander

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Dashboards

There are dozens KPIs or metrics you can use for a Recruiting module. I personally prefer to separate information about Applicants and Requisitions.

A very comprehensive KPI dashboard for Applicants is shown in “Figure 5 Applicants Dashboard”. It shows where applicants come from as well as information about gender and source of candidates, and is filterable by time and job title.

It always makes sense to expand the dashboard and drill down to source data (in Table Format). In the tile dashboard (at the right), you can drill down per click on the main source to get the details in another graph.

The next example is a KPI Dashboard for Recruiters (see “Figure 6 Basic Recruiter Dashboard”). In this basic example, you can find information about how fast positions get filled (Tile 1), how many applicants exist per recruiter (Tile 2), how many open positions per recruiter (Tile 3), and how many interviews have been scheduled (Tile 4). If you want to see more KPIs, have a look at our iXerv Recruiting Dashboard (FIORI Version).

Figure 5 – Applicants Dashboard

Figure 6 – Basic Recruiter Dashboard

Another great customer example is the Recruiter Dashboard 2.0 (see “Figure 7 Recruiter Dashboard 2.0”). Filtering is always a bit challenging if you are not able to get everything in one Ad-Hoc Report (the base of a YouCalc Dashboard).

This report shows where and how many jobs were posted (Tile 1), how many offers per requisition compared with the average of all requisitions (Tile 2), The hiring statistics between internal and external hires (Tile 3), and a gender report showing the statistics for applications, interviews, and hired (Tile 4).

All tiles are enhanced with a drilldown that contains more information and details (see “Figure 8 Gender Report Drilldown”). You easily can download results in CSV or Excel format.

Figure 7 Recruiter Dashboard 2.0
Figure 7 Recruiter Dashboard 2.0


Figure 8 – Gender Report Drilldown

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Dashboard

Missing a proper overview of status and in-form comparisons between teams? With YouCalc Dashboards, you can build what you need and are able to share this information.

In this example (see “Figure 9 Salary Review – HR Overview”), the customer wants to use custom fields for status, custom calculations, and conditional formatting. Currencies are also calculated in one single currency.


Figure 9 – Salary Review – HR Overview

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Dashboard

This final example is a comprehensive KPI overview for managers and HR regarding Performance & Goals (see “Figure 10 Performance and Goals Dashboard” below). Base of this Dashboard is the Standard SuccessFactors Dashboard for Goals and Performance.

In this example, the customer wanted additional tiles and logic. This report fully respects RBP and shows Form Status (Tile 1 and 2), Performance and Potential Grid (Tile 3 and 4), and Ratings Distribution (Tile 5 and 6) and compares both the Team View and the Overall View. It is more or less a complex KPI dashboard, but I am sure you get a good idea of what customers are using and what is possible with YouCalc.

I hope these examples were helpful. I welcome your comments below.


Figure 10 – Goals and Performance Dashboard


Written Chris Wilpert

Chris Wilpert is an SAP SuccessFactors consultant at iXerv. Chris is SAP SuccessFactors-certified in Employee Central, Recruiting Management and Workforce Analytics and holds a Master's degree from Technische Fachhochschule Wildau.

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