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COVID-19 SAP SuccessFactors Extension

Download the free iXerv COVID-19 extension for SAP SuccessFactors

iXerv understands that the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for customers across the globe. In our efforts to help customers track the health of their employees, iXerv has created a free SAP SuccessFactors extension to enable you to track and manage employee health.

COVID-19 SuccessFactors extension

What does the extension do?

It provides a portlet for Employee Files and a report that can be used for tracking COVID-19 related information for each employee. Our extension is a self-services solution where employees can answer questions about their health, travel movements, concerns, and so forth. Our extension package includes a report that provides aggregated information about the health of employees, as well as which employees have not yet completed the information.

Where can I get more information about the extension?

You can download the brochure available using the button on the right side of this page.

How do I deploy the extension?

Simply download the step-by-step instructions PDF using the button on the right side of this screen and follow the instructions to create the Extension in the SAP SuccessFactors Extension Center and create the Home Page tile. You will also find the link to a YouTube video showing a demo of the setup steps.

Is this extension truly free?

Yes. iXerv is not charging for the extension and have not attached any conditions to using the extension. We only ask that you make sure fellow customers are aware of the extension.

What if I need some help to deploy it?

We recommend leveraging your support partner or emailing us at iXerv does not plan on charging for any consulting services to provide some support when deploying the Extension. Due to anticipated demand, iXerv will not be able to deploy the solution in your instance on your behalf.

Downloads and Information

For more information on the extension, you can download the brochure here:
Download the Brochure
To access the step-by-step deployment instructions, click here:
Review the Instructions
Watch a demo of the extension:
Watch the Video
Review the presentation from the recent iXerv webinar on this topic:
Read the Presentation